‘NO Kardashian Parking (ANYTIME)’ signs appear on Hollywood Streets

The sign says it all (Photo: PlasticJesus)
The sign says it all (Photo: PlasticJesus)

If you live in Hollywood you’ll appreciate this… “NO KARDASHIAN PARKING ANYTIME!”

Traffic in Los Angeles is bad enough, but if you’re a Kardashian, it just got worse…

A slew of “No Kardashian Parking” signs are popping up all over Hollywood. Street artist Plastic Jesus has been placing them across the city and he told The Hollywood Reporter that he’s got several signs posted around the city. And yes, there’s one right in front of the Dash store.

Plastic Jesus said this morning the signs are intended to encourage a dialogue about our obsession with celebrity. Jesus said, “The Kardashian’s are probably the highest profile media celebs. Whenever they leave their home it turns into a media event. What happened to real news about issues that matter? The media and consumer has become lazy.”

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles police department told THR “no complaints have yet been filed about the signs.”

Actually when you think about it, it’s just more publicity for the Kardashian gang; thanks anyway Jesus!


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