Saturday, April 4th, make a wish on the ‘Blood Moon’

Lunar Eclipse a.ka. Blood Moon (Photo: Getty)
Lunar Eclipse a.ka. Blood Moon (Photo: Getty)

A lunar eclipse will turn the moon dark red tonight, Saturday April 4th.

The partial eclipse will begin at 11:17 pm with the maximum eclipse due at 1am. Astronomer Tom List from Auckland’s Stardome Observatory says you’ll be able to see earth’s shadow moving across the surface of the moon.

“When all of the moon is covered you just get a little bit of sunlight that’s refracted through the earth’s atmosphere and that gets bounced into the shadow and that makes the moon very red so when the lunar eclipse is total it’ll be a very dark red moon. This will be quite a good lunar eclipse. It’s a total one so the whole of the moon is in the earth’s core shadow and it’ll be the last one like that for a while.”

So, the story goes… if you raise your empty wallet up to the full moon and ask for a financial blessing, your wish shall be granted.



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