Britney Spears really is ‘Toxic,’ setting off TSA detectors at LAX

Hands UP Ms. Spears at LAX (Photo:  ENT/Courtesy)
Hands UP Ms. Spears at LAX (Photo: ENT/Courtesy)

They are just like us!  Britney Spears was subjected to a full body scan at LAX after she failed to pass through the airport’s metal detectors three times.

The pop star and her boys were heading out of town, when, just like everyone else, they had to go through security in order to be granted access to their flight’s gate.

Attempt number two is also unsuccessful, and then so is the third. Spears looks thoroughly perplexed about the issue, and even lifts her sun hat to show she’s not hiding anything. The singer was then escorted to the full body scanner, where she raised her arms and gave the cameras a closer look. And even that took two tries before Spears was finally given clearance.



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