‘The Program’ LIES as told by cyclist Lance Armstrong (biopic trailer)

Liar and cheat cyclist Lance Armstrong (Photo: ESPN/courtesy)
Liar and cheat cyclist Lance Armstrong (Photo: ESPN/courtesy)

The Lance Armstrong biopic, ‘The Program’ trailer is released.

‘The Program’ follows the athlete’s journey as he beats cancer, wins seven ‘Tour de France’ competitions and then the falls from grace in a highly-publicized drug scandal.

Academy Award nominated director Stephen Frears (The Queen, Philomena) along with producers ‘Working Title’ (The Theory Of Everything, Everest, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) brilliantly directs the biopic which highlights the cycle of lies Armstrong told for years denying that he ever used performance enhancing drugs to help him win competitions. “I’m the most tested athlete on the face of the planet, I have never tested positive for performance enhancement drugs.”

Journalist David Walsh played by Chris O’Dowd expresses it best saying,  “The man is cheat!”

‘The Program’ also stars Lee Pace, Jesse Plemons, Guillaume Canet, and Dustin Hoffman.

Here is your first look at the trailer:



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