Pitbull is pissed as he boycotts Trump hotels and issues a “warning” (watch)

PItbull is not happy with Donald Trump (Photo:  BB/Courtesy)
PItbull is not happy with Donald Trump (Photo: BB/Courtesy)

Pitbull has issued a warning to Donald Trump: “Watch out for El Chapo.”

The Cuban-American performer made the comment during his acceptance speech at the Premios Juventud Awards on Thursday. Watch the video below.

Trump has been under fire for comments he’s made about the Latino population, specifically saying last month that Mexican immigrants are mostly “rapists” and “criminals.” Though he’s been widely condemned for the remarks, he hasn’t backed away from the stance. Among those who have slammed Trump, though, is the alleged son of notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, who escaped a federal prison in Mexico last Saturday.

Trump’s camp contacted the FBI after a tweet purportedly sent by El Chapo’s son read in translation, “Keep f*cking around and I’m gonna make you swallow your b*tch words you f*cking whitey milksh*tter.” A Trump staffer said they were taking the threat seriously, noting, “This is no joke.”

Pitbull addressed the situation live on Unvision, the same network that dropped the mogul’s Miss USA pageant.  After thanking his fans for his award, Pitbull very seriously told the crowd in Spanish, “I’m not a politician. I’m a musician, but most of all I’m Latino. For all the culture out there: Marco Rubio, put the batteries on. Jeb Bush, put the batteries on. Hillary Clinton, put on your batteries, because Donald Trump cannot be president. And Trump: Beware of El Chapo, papo.”


And in an interview for “America With Jorge Ramos,” Pitbull further commented on his feelings towards Trump, saying, “Donald Trump doesn’t become Donald Trump by being ignorant. He may have a big ego — we’ve all known that for years. What I think is that he found a button [illegal immigration] that he likes, and he sees that he got people mad and hot and he’s gonna keep pushing it.”


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