Hollywood’s next trend, drink it then eat it, vegan-non-gmo-biodegr(edible) cups

'LOLIWARE' co-founders Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker (Photo: Instagram)
‘LOLIWARE’ co-founders Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker (Photo: Instagram)

Max Goldberg of ‘livingmaxwell.com’ who has an organic food blog featured a fun episode which is sure to be a hit with the Hollywood fruits & nuts.  In hopes of replacing plastic, co-founders Chelsea Briganti and her partner Leigh Ann Tucker started a company called ‘LOLIWARE’ and have developed “the world’s first edible cup!”

The idea started as a design competition in 2010 for Jell-o but the college age duo wanted to make a vegan version with a functional and environmentally focused approach.  These vegan, non-gmo, plant-based cups will keep their shape for 72 hours before degrading.

Currently they four flavors with plans to expand to other utensils. Hotels like ‘W Hotel NYC’ and poolside at the ‘Four Seasons’ saw the value and have them as a menu option. So now, you drink and eat your margaritas… like it!

The cups are said to taste like fruit roll ups, and the good news is, they won’t deteriorate your organs. You can find more at loliware.com.


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