Gabrielle Reece says “food and sex” will keep an alpha male happy…

Gabrielle Reece with husband Laird Hamilton a.k.a. "alpha male" (Photo: Instagram)
Gabrielle Reece with husband Laird Hamilton a.k.a. “alpha male” (Photo: Instagram)

In a very interesting interview today on Lewis Howes’ podcast, the super athlete, super woman and volleyball goddess Gabrielle Reece gave some clever advice on how to keep an alpha male happy!

Reece is incredibly accomplished, she’s not only a professional sand volleyball athlete, but also a model, fitness trainer, author, wife, and mother. She’s worked very hard for everything she has and not much was given to her. She and husband world-class surfer Laird Hamilton have been married 20 years and have three daughters.

Some may find the following tips controversial but she feels it’s important to enable alpha males to stand in their power:  Agreed!

A. Respect his masculinity and give him space. Men know what they need to do when you give them the space to do it and allow them to step into their power.

B. Give him food and sex regularly. These are the two biggest ways to show alpha males you care.

C. Allow him space to be tender and honor you as a woman. Even very masculine men need to tap into balance by showing their softer side.

D. Don’t try to be his mother. An alpha male does not need that authority figure in his partner.

Gabby said that by honoring her partner in this way, allows him to support her as a strong powerful woman, which is a key to their successful marriage.


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