Gina Rodriguez gets mean comments about her toes. Read her response…

'Jane the Virgin' star addresses the toe haters (Photo: Instagram)
‘Jane the Virgin’ star addresses the toe haters (Photo: Instagram)

On Wednesday ‘People Magazine’ Latin Edition had the beautiful and talented star of ‘Jane the Virgin’ on the cover and guess what people focused on?, her toes!

Yep, as silly as it sounds the actress who was the first female Latina to win a ‘Golden Globe’ and is known for her impressive humanitarian work is being made fun of for her toes curling under and what some are saying “poor Spanish.”

But fear not, Rodriguez rose above the negativity by posting on her Instagram a very lovely response to the haters and so did her co-star Justin Baldoni who quickly came to her defense.

Rodriguez response… “You know what saddens my heart, is when you try and celebrate an accomplishment with those that have helped you achieve it and no matter what, someone, anyone, has something negative to say. Whether it was from the way my toes curled under to the way I typed my spanish. We desire to project our own insecurities and hatred on another. When did we decide social media was for hating, for putting others down rather than lifting them up. I refuse to participate in that kind of world. Before you write a comment today on anyone’s picture or anyone’s page ask yourself would you want others to say that about yourself? What am I getting out of being mean to another person I have never met? Yesterday I shared my joy for the cover of @peopleenespanol and I was blown away at the immediate hate projected on my page. My question to you today is this, do you know the power you have in this world and do you desire to use it for good? I do. #NoToKeyboardCourag”


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