“McDonalds Goddess,” exploitation or brilliant marketing?

Does looking alluring sell burgers? Ask McDonald's Goddess' Wei Han Xu (Photo: Instagram)
Does looking alluring sell burgers? Ask McDonald’s Goddess’ Wei Han Xu (Photo: Instagram)

Dubbed “McDonalds’ Goddess” for her baby doll looks or could it be her maid’s outfit, has been the cause of a surge in sales at a Taiwan branch of the fast food restaurant.

Wei Han Xu has become an internet icon after pictures of her, were shared online by blogger RainDog. The photos showed Xu serving customers and her buttoning blouse while she stood behind the counter. Is this great marketing or exploitation of a young woman?

Rather than wearing an unflattering work uniform, Xu is seen wearing a short skirt and high-heel shoes as she cleans the counter and serves up fries. Smitten fans became obsessed with finding out where their McDonald’s goddess worked and poured into the restaurant over the weekend.

Xu is happy with her new found fame appearing on Taiwanese game shows and making appearances. The pretty fast-food worker has also worked as a model and is only too happy to pose for more pictures.

Whatever sells right?


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