How does Rita Ora handle a breakup? She hangs on a yacht in Ibiza

Rita Ora doesn't look too sad after her breakup, she's on a yacht in Ibiza  (Photo: Fameflynet)
Rita Ora doesn’t look too sad after her breakup, she’s on a yacht in Ibiza (Photo: Fameflynet)

British singer/actress Rita Ora isn’t eating her pain away after her breakup, nope, she’s sailing on the ocean looking sexy as ever!

Ora recently broke up with her boyfriend of one year, DJ Ricky Hilfiger, and she’s celebrating just like any other woman would (no not really), she’s working on her tan in Spain!

In her sexy white bikini she hit the water with friends and struck a series of sexy poses while lounging on deck.  Ora just signed on as a new judge for The X-Factor UK and made news when she shot back at haters who said she wasn’t a proper fit for the show telling Glamour…“I’ve worked hard to be involved with everything you see my name associated with.  It doesn’t happen overnight, and I feel I have as much right to be on that panel as everyone does.”




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