Brilliant casting of Monica Bellucci as “Bond Woman” bravo Sam Mendes!

Sexy Monica Bellucci to play the new 'Bond Woman' (Photo: BangShowBiz)
Sexy Monica Bellucci to play the new ‘Bond Woman’ (Photo: BangShowBiz)

Super talented, super stunning Monica Bellucci is cast as the new Bond “Woman” and believes she can offer much more than just beauty.  We agree!

Bellucci, 50, said she is a “Bond woman” not a “Bond girl” as it’s typically coined. Her casting is creating a stir in Hollywood by becoming the oldest woman to play the love interest of super spy James Bond played by Daniel Craig, 47. Um hello, he’s only 3 years younger?!

She told The Guardian: “I cannot say I’m a” Bond girl “because I’m too mature to be one, but I would say “Bond lady, bond woman and I’m proud to be one. Bond is an amazing man. You know why?, because he does not exist!”

Bellucci praised the film’s director Sam Mendes for having chosen her to play the role saying… “Men have power over everything… Journalism, acting, directing the banks, finance, schools, laws are made by men.  Men think that women, when they can not procreate, become old and it’s not true, they are still wonderful!  That’s what I think of Sam Mendes choosing me which has created a great revolution.”

Continuing…“I don’t know Hollywood well, I’ve never lived in Los Angeles or New York, but what I see in Paris as I have lived is that actresses like Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert and Charlotte Rampling still have a chance to interpret strong and sexy roles even if they have another 20 years. “

“Beauty is like a mask, and people think that when you are beautiful some things can be easier. But despite this, the problems are still the same, there is a time in life that beauty fades. Even if you say I’m beautiful, I’m 50 years old, not 20. Is there a moment in your life that you have to decide because the times goes on. All I can say is that I’m ready for it!”

And so are we!!!


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