David Beckham’s new clothing partnership; not with Victoria…

David Beckham partners with Kent and Curwen to create a new line of men's clothing (Photo: BangShowBiz)
David Beckham partners with Kent and Curwen to create a new line of men’s clothing (Photo: BangShowBiz)

A Beckham/Kent and Curwen partnership has been announced as they will partner to create a new line of men’s clothing. Sorry Victoria!

The sexy former footballer announced he will work closely with the company which has 100 stores divided by China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Beckham now 40 said… “I always try to work with brands and companies with a rich history and authenticity. When this characteristic is rooted in the country where I was born, that attracts me even more to start a partnership.”

What I love about Kent and Curwen is that they have a brand and excellence that has been passed from generation to generation. Our goal is to build its popularity and success throughout China and establish the name as a powerful brand globally.”

On this personal style he says, “I’ve always been inspired by a simple and easy style. Sometimes classic jeans and a tee shirt is a great combination for a British style. I experimented a lot with fashion when I was young, but as you get older you have a better understanding of what fits and looks best on you.”


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