Nicole Kidman has her hands full and loves it!

Nicole Kidman with daughters Sunday Rose 7 and Faith 4 (Photo: BangShowBiz)
Nicole Kidman with daughters Sunday Rose 7 and Faith 4 (Photo: BangShowBiz)

Australian actress Nicole Kidman says she loves getting on the floor and playing with her daughters because it “brings back the child in me.”

The actress, 48, appreciates the time she spends with Sunday Rose now 7 yrs, and Faith, 4 with her husband Keith Urban.

Asked how she spends her free time, she said, “In a free hour, it depends… I love staying on the floor and play with my daughters. I read an article that says it is so important actually stay at the same level them and play with them for an hour a day. So, I do it, and love it. It brings back the child in me. “

When she is able to have brief moments alone, Kidman likes to meditate telling ‘Dujour’ “With a minute, I’ll daydream or meditate I love to just sit quietly meditating.”

But, the ideal day for the star of ‘The Adventures of Paddington’ would involve a “long, quiet breakfast” and time on the beach. Kidman says… “I love breakfast, it’s my favorite meal and then a long quiet morning is just beautiful to me. I’d read the papers and go for a swim. I love the beach. Even though I’m incredibly pale, those wet suits are terribly unattractive and people laugh at me. My children laugh at me.”

Kidman also has two children Isabella, 22, and Connor, 20, with ex-husband Tom Cruise.


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