Hollywood newcomer Lea Seydoux became an actress so “people would take care of her”

French actress Lea Seydoux likes to be taken care of (Photo: Bangshowbiz)
French actress Lea Seydoux likes to be taken care of (Photo: Bangshowbiz)

Hollywood newcomer Lea Seydoux says her casting in ‘SPECTRE’ was a deliberate “choice” to pick a “different” type of Bond girl.

French actress Seydoux 30, plays psychologist Dr. Madeleine Swann in the upcoming 007 movie and although she has nothing against the “cliché” Bond babes of the past she insists her casting and the role she plays prove the spy franchise has moved on.

Speaking in the new issue of Britain’s Vogue magazine, she said: “I don’t mind the cliché of the Bond girl. But Madeleine, she is very different. And to choose me as a Bond girl, it’s a choice. A statement. I’m not the typical James Bond girl.” 

Seydoux said one of the best things about being an actress is that other people take care of these things for her. YES! saying… “I don’t like modernity. I don’t have television or the internet at home. The internet scares me. I can’t drive a car. That is why I do this job. This is why I became an actress. So that people will take care of me. To be an actress is a refuge. You are taken everywhere, stay in wonderful hotels, everyone looks after you.”

Seydoux stars in ‘SPECTRE’ with Daniel Craig who is reprising his role as Bond for a fourth time will also star Monica Bellucci, Christoph Waltz and Ralph Fiennes.

Not quite sure the Meryl Streeps of the world can understand her choice of why she Seydoux became an actress, but to each his own…


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