Stars like Vin Diesel who now look massively different

Boasting a prominent ‘belly’, Vin Diesel shocked fans this week with his new ‘shape’ which is far from the his usual fit physique.

The ‘Fast and Furious,’ franchise has a huge following and fans were shocked to see Vin Diesel no longer looks the same as he once did. The actor was photographed on the balcony of his home in Miami – United States. Diesel, now 48, has a relationship with Paloma Jimenez, 32, and they have three children.

Diesel is not the only star who over the year gained a “beer belly.” Actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe and Alec Baldwin are among the celebrities who look vastly different. Dancer Kevin Federline, is the ex-husband and father of Britney Spears 2 children, is another who sported a round belly which is which is quite different from when he met the singer.

In Brazil, world famous soccer player Ronaldo displayed his full-figure after retiring from the sport. He gained a lot of weight and in 2013 participated in the TV show ‘One Measure’ in an attempt to lose the added baggage; unfortunately he did not keep the weight off.

Check out the before and afters!


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