Who is the mother of Cristiano Ronaldo’s son?

Cristiano Ronaldo said he will never admit who is his son’s baby mamma.

Ronaldo, 30, was a guest on ITV’s ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ stated he will never publicly disclose the name of his 5 yr. son Cristianinho’s birth mother. His plan is to wait until his son is older and better able to understand saying… “I am sure he will understand 100%. I will tell you when you feel the time is right. When you’re 10, 11, 12? I do not know, we’ll see. When he grows up, always I tell you the truth I will because it deserves, because it is my son. I will not say it just because people want me to say.” 

Ross asked the Real Madrid footballer if he thinks it is problematic that the child does not have a relationship with his birth mother. Ronaldo replied, “For me it is not. There are many children in the world who have no mother, who have no father or whose mothers and father have died. Cristiano has a father, an incredible father.”

When speaking about where he wants to end his soccer career, he responded that he doesn’t want it to be the USA, Qatar or Dubai… “That does not mean it’s bad play in the leagues of the United States, Qatar or Dubai, but I do not see myself there.”

There are rumors that Ronaldo will soon play for The LA Galaxy. The soccer stars says he will probably continue to play six or sever more seasons.


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