Protests pouring in against Trump hosting ‘SNL’

Trump hosted on April 3, 2004.  Tension is mounting about this weekend's show as he hosts again (Photo: SNL)
Trump hosted on April 3, 2004. Tension is mounting about this weekend’s show as he hosts again (Photo: SNL)

Donald Trump is scheduled to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend and it’s stirring a lot of emotion in the Latin Community.

The National Hispanic Media Coalition published public letter asking NBC’s CEO and ‘SNL’ producer Lorne Michaels to drop Trump from the show. NBC said they would severe ties with the mogul after his racist comments in July, but in October, they announced Trump would host. Rumors are that protesters will be outside the New York studio to condemn Trumps appearance.

Latino artists, scientists and other public figures have joined together to write a scathing declaration criticizing Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Among the signatures, which was originally published in Spanish for Univision are…  Alejandro González Iñárritu, director of the Best Picture winner Birdman, actor Diego Luna, and writer Junot Díaz.

“Mr. Trump has accused Mexican immigrants of being criminals, rapists and drug traffickers; and has promised to deport 11 million of them and build a big wall along the border with Mexico. Trump’s hate speech appeals to xenophobia, sexism and political intolerance; it recalls historical campaigns against other ethnic groups that led to millions of deaths.” 

“Mr. Trump’s conduct is not worthy of a candidate to the Presidency of the United States, the most powerful country in the world. All of us condemn his behavior and hope that the American people will no longer tolerate his absurdities.”

The letter also stated Latin citizens are experiencing attacks and condemnations for speaking Spanish in public. In August, Trump supporters yelled out “white power” at a rally.


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