Richard & Holly Branson support Aussie filmmaker’s quest to stop bullying

'Daisy Chain' a film by Australian director Galvin Scott Davis (Photo: Getty)
‘Daisy Chain’ a film by Australian director Galvin Scott Davis (Photo: Getty)

Sir Richard Branson is all about positivity and spreading cheer, so it’s no wonder that his lovely daughter Holly, is following his example as she supports the efforts of Australian filmmaker, Galvin Scott Davis for his advocacy work on bullying… and, the film is brilliantly narrated by Kate Winslet.

Enter Holly Branson:

“I want to share a beautiful film that is changing lives and giving hope to those who need it. Galvin Scott Davis is an Australian writer and director, most recently celebrated for his advocacy work around bullying.

On realizing one of his children was being bullied, Galvin wanted to read his son a bedtime story with a positive message about overcoming bullies… only he couldn’t find one. In an effort to comfort his little boy, Galvin used his imagination to make one up.”

The off-the-cuff bedtime story, ‘Daisy Chain’ has been transformed into a five-minute animated film, narrated by Kate Winslet.

In ‘Daisy Chain’, the main character, Buttercup, is victimized when bullies take a photo of her and post it on every tree in sight until she can’t escape it. The scene cleverly mirrors the concept of cyber-bullying and the level of damage it causes.

The NSPCC reports that there were 7,296 counseling sessions last year with young people who talked to ‘ChildLine’ about online bullying.

‘Daisy Chain’ is available online for free.


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