Billionaire becomes Uber driver…

Sebastian Thrun, a billionaire Uber driver (Photo: CNET)
Sebastian Thrun, a billionaire Uber driver (Photo: CNET)

He’s a billionaire who drives a Tesla and he wanted to be an Uber driver?!

Sebastian Thrun, 48, CEO and co-founder of the online education company Udacity, which by the way, just raised $105 million in funding, took a day off to have Uber amounts of fun.

At the O’Reilly Next:Economy Summit, Thrun spoke about how he loved being an Uber driver; okay it was just one day, but still… he said, “If anything at all, it gives you a fantastic dinner conversation.”

Thrun who is originally from Solingen, Germany took his Tesla to the Uber car center for inspection and then he picked up two passengers, both of whom gave him five stars for customer service. But then, the billionaire was locked out of the platform, saying… “The sad part is, for whatever reason, I can’t get customers anymore.”

All in all, it’s nice that a billionaire can experience an ordinary day in the life of an Uber driver.


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