‘David Bowie almost strangled me to death’

David Bowie’s ex-wife has claimed that the recently deceased rock icon once tried to kill her with his bare hands while they were married.

Angie Bowie was married to the glam icon during his highly-productive decade between 1970 and 1980 and said he flew into a drug-fueled raged after she confronted his assistant and lover Corinne Schwab.

“I questioned Corinne rather sharply about the amount of baggage she had assembled for a trip to Jamaica, where David was going to record,” she said. “She snapped at me, so I snapped back at her. Suddenly David hurtled across the room.”

“He grabbed my throat with both hands and started squeezing. He was blindly angry, yelling at me as he tightened his grip,” she told The Sun.

Angie said the horrific moment happened while they were living in Los Angeles in a house that Schwab had found for them. The 66-year-old former model said that Bowie had been “high” when the incident occurred.

“It didn’t feel as if he was going to stop,” she said, adding that Schwab might have saved her life. “The fact that she did save me must have pissed her off afterwards.”


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