Kourtney Kardashian talks Justin Bieber, Harry Styles

Kourtney Kardashian did not shy away from letting out some family secrets and ambiguous smiles when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday.

The 36-year-old reality star opened up about her “friendship” with Justin Bieber and even the rumored relationship between her sister Kendall Jenner and One Direction star Harry Styles, E! Online reports.

Ellen quizzed the Keeping up with the Kardashians star about the romance rumors she faced when she was spotted out with family friend Justin Bieber late last year.

“Yes,” Kourtney responded with glee. “We’re friends.”

“You’re smiling as if that maybe it’s beyond friends,” Ellen probed on with Kourtney reaching for a drink of water, saying: “I’ve been smiling this whole time since I’ve been sitting here.”

When asked about her sister Kendall’s romance with Harry Styles, she kept mum: “I don’t know. You know more than I do.” While on holiday, Ellen and her wife Portia De Rossi ran into the couple, but Kourtney said she has not had the joy of meeting the singing heartthrob.

“He is good looking,” she admitted, though.


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