Playboy Mansion for sale, but…

The famous Playboy Mansion, the backdrop to faded posters with curly edges on teenagers’ bedroom walls, is for sale.

Playboy Enterprises, the owner of the Holmby Hills estate, is looking for an obscene buyer’s price of $200 million. And there are some strings attached…

Real estate experts also told the publication that the six acre estate is worth closer to the region between $80 million and $90 million, but the house does come with a backstory that could see its price rise.

One of the biggest strings attached to the sale of the house involves its current occupant, company founder and archetype playboy Hugh Hefner. The proposed deal would see the 89-year-old given a life estate – meaning he could live there for the remainder of his twilight years.

The new owners would also not be allowed in one of the most intriguing places on their new property – the Hef’s action-packed sleeping quarters.

The proposed sale of the mansion is the latest in a wave of modernizing changes made by Playboy Enterprises and the idea follows the recent announcement that the magazine would no longer feature nude models on its cover.


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