Scott Disick made threatening call to Kardashians

Scott Disick caused panic in the Kardashian household on Sunday when he called to declare his life was over and threatened to commit suicide.

Scott, 32, called his ex-wife Kourtney’s sister Khloé in a hysterical plea and, while on speakerphone, the Kardashian women scrambled to talk him out of it, Daily Mail reports.

“I’ll never meet anybody more beautiful than her and I love her,” he wept over the phone on the latest episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. “My life is officially over. I just want it to be over,” he sobbed.

The Kardashian ladies then despatched a friend, Chris Reda, to check on Disick in New York. “He looked like he was really depressed and just out of it,” he later reported back to Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner.

While Disick was sobbing over Kourtney, the eldest Kardashian daughter was busy doing a nude photoshoot. During her absence, sister Khloé said she received a “weird” text message from Disick in which he instructed her to tell the children he fathered with Khloé that he loves them.

Kim Kardashian had little sympathy for Disick as she told a friend he needed to “grow up” in an expletive-laden summary.


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