The Game sent home after confusing Oz for NZ

Ask any rapper out there and they would be happy to tell you whether they are East Coast or West Coast.

But when it comes to wider global geography, don’t ask The Game the difference between Australia and New Zealand.

The 36-year-old rapper was set to perform at the Raggamuffin Festival in Auckland on Saturday, but he did not even make it to New Zealand. Instead, his flight from Dubai took him to Australia where he was swiftly sent packing back to Los Angeles, New Zealand Herald reports.

Organizers of the festival had to calm angry concert-goers who accused them of not informing them of The Game’s no-show.

“’The Game’ was 100% approved to enter New Zealand. His management and I know this as fact,” Andrew McManus, the director of the festival, wrote on Facebook. “

“His entry to Australia was given as ‘intent to refuse’ which is exactly the same letter given to Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan.”

“After making major deposits to his agent ICM and them buying Dubai to Auckland flights, it made perfect sense for The Game to come to Auckland, play Raggamuffin IX and then return at a later date for an Australian tour,” McManus continued.

“It was only when we had our people at the airport on Saturday to pick him up to play Raggamuffin IX did we find out he did not board the plane in Dubai. Statements to the contrary are simply not true.”

The Game has since been posting selfies on Instagram in Los Angeles, declaring: “Ain’t no place like home.”


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