This guy offered Kanye $10m not to release TLOP

The controversial pharmaceutical entrepreneur Martin Shkreli has offered Kanye West $10 million dollars to sell him his latest album so the public can’t listen to it.

Before you start praising him as a hero wanting to save your ears from excessive bleeding while listening to The Life of Pablo, look up his name.

While Kanye was hosting a Yeezy Season 3 launch event at Madison Square Guarden in New York City, Shkreli took to Twitter with his lucrative offer.

“aiyo @kanyewest last minute can i buy your album out so it dont get released publicly,” he tweeted.

And if you think this guy is a joker, think again. He previously purchased the sole ownership rights to the Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin album on auction for $2 million.

“Kanye and his label are legally required to take my offer letter to their Board of Directors. This should delay the album by a few days,” he proudly boasted about blocking the public’s enjoyment of the release.

Shkreli is infamous for inspiring ire by calling dibs on public interest items with his considerable financial power. In 2015, his company Turing Pharmaceuticals was heavily criticized after it obtained the manufacturing rights for an HIV drug and then proceeded to hike up the price.

Hours after making his latest ludicrous offer to Kanye, Shkreli bemoaned Twitter’s technical limitations: “Why does @Twitter have a DM limit? Kanye could have accepted or countered me and I have no idea. Help!”

The album has since been released and the public Shkreli desperately wanted to deprive of it has already been outraged by some of its content.


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