That Gwen Stefani fall at the Grammys – the truth

Gwen Stefani really had the entire world cringing when she planted her face on the floor at the Grammy Awards.

Was it for real or did her live music video performance of her new single “Make Me Like You” at the Grammy Awards prove that “cringe” is the new “being good?”

It seems to be the case, because Gwen was seen unscathed and in a completely different outfit mere moments after she was seen causing a pileup of roller skating backup dancers after planking on stage.

Target, the US department store that sponsored the performance, confirmed that the fall was planned, according to

The Gwen that tumbled to the floor was in fact a stunt double instructed to bail out and take a dive while the real Gwen remained perfectly unscathed onstage.

Target did not explain the decision further, but it was no doubt some form of publicity stunt.


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