Helen Mirren: “This man is not my hubby!”

Dame Helen Mirren has been stepping out with a handsome bearded man some people seem to think is her husband, but he’s not.

The 70-year-old actress has said people got really confused when she took her 45-year-old stepson, Rio Hackford, to the Screen Actors Guild Awards last Saturday.

Talking about her “red carpet friends,” Mirren said: “I have been on the awards route with him [Trumbo co-star Bryan Cranston] up to this point because we’ve been to a lot of ceremonies in the last month or so and we’re always at the same table.”

“He and his wife and me and my husband, or my stepson, who has sometimes been mistaken for my husband!”

Mirren’s husband and Rio’s father is acclaimed film director Taylor Hackford. The pair married in 1997 and the 71-year-old filmmaker has two grown children from a previous marriage. Rio, who has starred as an actor in films such as Swingers (1996) and Déjà Vu (2006), is the spitting image of his father.

Mirren was nominated for the best supporting actress award at the SAG Awards, but did not walk away with the prize. Her Trumbo co-star Bryan Cranston is, however, still in contention for the Best Actor award at the Academy Awards later this month.


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