Justin Bieber “foolish” for wanting new monkey

Justin Bieber has decided to adopt another monkey and his decision has an animal protection organization going bananas.

Bieber previously had another pet monkey, Mally, but the primate was confiscated by German officials when the 21-year-old pop star failed to produce the paperwork for the monkey’s travels on arrival, TMZ reports.

“Monkeys are awesome,” Bieber insisted when saying he wanted another one. “Just got to make sure I got a house [sic] and it stays in the house… I’m not going bring him to Germany.”

The North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance did not think Bieber’s broody monkey love was awesome and branded the singer “foolish” and “irresponsible.”

NAPSA warned him that going ahead with his plans “will prove dangerous to both you and your monkey, as well as irresponsible when it comes to your public following.”

“Pease do the right thing,” the organization pleaded with Biebs on their Facebook page.


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