Leo DiCaprio in trouble for vaping at SAG Awards

Leonardo DiCaprio has been reprimanded by the American Lung Association after he was spotted vaping at the SAG Awards.

Pictures of the actor using an e-cigarette during the Screen Actors Guild ceremony on Saturday have been doing the rounds online and the health gurus at the association have scolded Leo for it, TMZ reports.

The non-profit called Leo’s behaviour “deeply troubling” and tweeted “Spot someone vaping at the #SAGawards Sat. night?” before posting a link to information educating readers on the health risks of vaping.

On its website, the association also said that vaping is “entirely unregulated by the US Food and Drug Administration” while studies have found the second-hand smoke it emits includes cancer-causing toxins.

Leo has been seen smoking the e-cigarettes since at least 2013 and got away with it at the SAG Awards because, although illegal in most restaurants and public spaces, it is allowed in “theatrical production sites.”

And the SAG Awards were apparently held in such a place where Leo picked up the Best Actor award for his role in The Revenant.

Stick to smoking in the bathroom at the Oscars, Leo!


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