Paul McCartney, Beck not cool enough for Tyga’s party

So you thought rock legends like Paul McCartney and Beck could stroll into any party like the musical royalty they are? Think again – they’re not cool enough for Tyga’s parties.

The former Beatles legend, Beck and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins was denied entry to the rapper’s Grammy Awards afterparty at Argyle in Hollywood on Monday.

“How VIP do we gotta get?” the 73-year-old rocker jokingly reacted to the snub outside the club. “We need another hit, guys. We need another hit.”

In the video obtained by TMZ, Beck joked back: “Next year!” The 45-year-old alternative rocker’s album Morning Phase won three Grammy Awards last year.

Tyga admitted Macca was a “legend,” but didn’t comment on the snub when asked about it later in the evening.

Rapper Bow Wow, who was let in to the celebrity bash, was more upset about the incident: “Wait. “The Paul McCartney came to Argyle? And they wouldn’t let him in? You’ve got to be lying.”


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