Oscar speeches won’t be boring anymore

Besides being painfully boring, Oscar acceptance speeches are known for temporarily wiping the memories of actors who get paid millions to remember lines for the cameras.

That will now be a thing of the past as the Academy announced there will soon be tickers in the background helping actors remember who their loved ones and, in Sylvester Stallone’s case, their colleagues are.

From now on nominees will be asked for a list of people they want to thank before the ceremony, Today.com reports. The move was also made to try and get long-winded actors to stick to the 45-second time limit on faux-shocked babble.

“As you probably are aware and we don’t want to embarrass anybody, but there is a long list of winners who have totally forgotten their directors, their husbands, their wives, their children and their animal,” David Hill, the producer of the Academy Awards show, said.

He continued his sales pitch with a sentimental angle to save the A-listers some blushes: “It’s a permanent record which could be kept, even framed and kept in the family forever. How cool is that!”

The decision was announced at the Oscars luncheon that precedes the ceremony on February 28.


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