Ryan Reynolds smuggled goods into the US

Ryan Reynolds has said that his wife Blake Lively once forced him to smuggle apple pie over the border from Canada to the US.

The Deadpool star said his wife even made him practice his poker face so he could be her fruity dessert mule.

“My wife is a foodie and loves these apple pies they make in Vancouver where I grew up so we grabbed a bunch of them and we were heading back down to the States and across the border,” Reynolds said on The Graham Norton Show.

Reynolds’ actress wife is known for her love of food and even has her own lifestyle website packed with baking recipes.

“The guard knew something was going on as I have the worst poker face ever and he had me on a hook,” the 39-year-old actor said.

To calm the border cop’s suspicion, he then acted out a famously hilarious scene from the movie Just Friends. “I sang that thing in the best falsetto I had and I was on my way through the border eating pie by the next stop.”

Fruits and vegetables are prohibited on entry to the US and travelers could face fines of up to $10 000 if they can’t act out scenes from the movies they have been in.


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