Sacha Baron Cohen: I am 23% gay

Sacha Baron Cohen has quipped that he is 23% gay on an average day.

The 44-year-old comedy actor, who is married to Isla Fischer, appeared on the WTF! Podcast and said that “straight or gay are silly terms. Everyone is somewhere on the scale. There’s a scale.”

“We worked it out, did the calculations. I’m 23% gay,” he joked. “When I was doing Borat and I had the testicles at my chin, I was at 31.”

Speaking seriously on the subject, the Brüno actor said problems arise when people are not open about their sexuality.

“It’s guys struggling with their sexuality who go and beat up gay guys,” the father of three said.

Cohen is known for playing a wide range of extremely flamboyant characters and also joked that his wife has been with them all sexually.

“She’s had to make love to all of them but I think her least favourite was Borat. Probably the best was Bruno because of the personal hygiene. Bruno showered, shaved, waxed.”


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