Caitlyn Jenner grateful for women’s locker

Caitlyn Jenner has expressed her gratitude after her country club gave her a women’s locker with her new name on it.

The I Am Cait star posted a picture of her new locker on Instagram and thanked the Sherwood Country Club for their acceptance.

“Grateful for my new locker at Sherwood. #welcome #acceptance [sic],” the 66-year-old wrote.

The reality TV star and former Olympic athlete previously said she renewed her membership at the California country club under her former name Bruce to avoid an issue over locker rooms.

“Let’s just put ‘Bruce’ down and it’s fine,” she said then.

Caitlyn of course then revealed last year that she is transgender and has now thanked the country club for handling the issue with class.

In a statement, the Sherwood Country Club said: “Sherwood Country Club cherishes its members, and their privacy, and will not comment on anything regarding its members’ private use and enjoyment of the Club, including Caitlyn Jenner’s future use of the Club.”


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