Chrissy Teigen stretch mark cure REVEALED!

Chrissy Teigen says her butt has some serious stretch marks and now she’s worried about what her pregnancy will do to her midsection.

The 30-year old model is expecting her first baby girl with singer John Legend and said that her body is prone to stretch marks, ALLURE magazine reports.

“I come from a stretch mark-prone family – I have them all over my butt and inner thighs,” she said.

“Luckily, I’m with a man who could not care less about them or else I would be insecure, but during my pregnancy, it was my belly I was scared of,” she added. “I knew I’d have to do something about it before I started seeing them.”

But Teigen does have a secret weapon up her sleeve: “La Mer The Concentrate saved my life. I’m constantly 25 minutes late to everything because my lotion regimen is that long. I put it everywhere.”

That’s the good news…the product sells for around $340 per bottle.


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