David Beckham bails out Victoria’s fashion brand

Victoria Beckham had to call in the help of husband David to cover a monstrous £3.8 million deficit after she spent big on a new outlet.

The 40-year-old former football hero coughed up £5.2 million after Victoria reportedly spent nearly £3 million on an architect-designed outlet in central London, the Mirror reports.

Insiders, however, say this is nothing out of the ordinary as the former Spice Girl’s company still banked a turnover of £34 million and Becks’ rescue is merely a transfer of operations between companies owned by the husband and wife business team.

The Director’s Report said: “As part of the corporate restructuring planned last year, the company is now focused purely on the Victoria Beckham fashion business and the Victoria Beckham brand.”

Victoria Beckham launched her fashion label in 2008 and in 2014 she topped Management Today’s list of Britain’s Top 100 Entrepreneurs.


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