EXCLUSIVE! Lionel Richie: “Adele made me more famous!”

Fresh from wrapping up a series of shows in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Curitiba, Brazil, Lionel Richie revealed that Adele has made him even more famous.

After his performance at the Ginásio do Ibirapuera in São Paulo on Wednesday evening, the singer dined at the Fasano Hotel in the Jardins neighbourhood.

Long-time friend and JETSS co-founder Camila Alves joined the singer along with Graziela Alves, another JETSS co-founder, Forbes Brazil CEO Antonio Camarotti and a group of friends.

In a conversation with Graziela and Camila Alves, the Grammys’ Person of the Year revealed that he has become more famous because of Adele’s hit “Hello.”

“When I was told about Adele’s song, I thought at first that it was a rewrite of my song of the same name,” Richie said. “Only later I realized it wasn’t and I was quite intrigued by the fact that it bore the same title, but it has since brought new light to my own work.”

The 66-year-old singing legend added: “A new generation, who was unfamiliar with my work, became curious and wanted to hear my music.”

Speaking about his shows in Brazil, Richie hailed the country’s audiences for their enthusiasm and vibrancy. “People sing, dance and even cry when I play my hits,” he said. “Security personnel try to calm people down and have them sit down, but I want them to let the audience get on their feet, come closer to the stage and take selfies with me,” Richie joked.

This brought Richie back to the new generation of fans that are embracing his music. “Where before everyone wanted my autograph, now they want to take selfies to post on social networks,” he said. “The autograph doesn’t have the same value these days, but I like taking pictures with my fans for thousands of others to see on social networks. It’s fun!”

Richie and his band will leave Brazil on Thursday, March 10 and will travel to South Africa for their next show next on Monday, March 13.

Watch the Lionel Richie tribute at the 2016 Grammy Awards below:


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