Halle Berry posts topless pic right after joining Instagram

Halle Berry has emerged from social media obscurity and finally joined Twitter and Instagram.

In celebration, the 49-year-old actress got right into the swing of things with a topless picture on Tuesday.

“Hi everyone. Welcome! Today is a very exciting day for me… I’m looking forward to sharing our world through images that reflect my emotions and perceptions,” she captioned her first pic.

“I’m excited to share with you my love of nature, the arts, fashion and much more in the hopes that the images will inspire, promote conversation and bring you joy. [sic]”

Although Berry is new to the world of selfies, cat pictures and snapping pictures of every meal she has, she wasted no time adding her pals Adele, Bruno Mars and Alicia Keys.

She already had 157 000 Instagram followers at the time of writing, proving that a topless pic is the ultimate grand entrance.


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