Mariah Carey ‘still doesn’t know’ who J-Lo is

Mariah Carey has claimed that she still doesn’t know who Jennifer Lopez is – 10 years after she first said she had never heard of her.

When approached by TMZ, the 45-year-old diva used the exact same phrase she threw out to deny her knowledge of the existence of J-Lo 10 years ago.

When the reporter from the publication approached the Hero singer and brought up the L-Lo subject, she said: “I still don’t know her.”

Jennifer Lopez has acknowledged her chart rival’s existence, though and says Mariah’s “forgetfulness” is to blame as the two have met numerous times.

“Mariah is forgetful I guess! We’ve met many times,” the American Idol judge said.

It is reported that Mariah could be throwing the shade because J-Lo revealed she has attended every Las Vegas residency show except hers.

The 46-year-old insisted that it was not a deliberate snub, though, saying: “I think last year when Mariah’s residency started I was already here in New York filming Shades of Blue and doing Idols on the weekends.”



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