The Matrix siblings are now both transgender

Lilly Wachowski has come out as transgender just like her sister Lana did a few years ago.

The sibling team of filmmakers formerly known as the Wachowski Brothers are now simply known as The Wachowskis after Lilly, like Lana, came out as transgender woman.

The Wachowskis are best known for their work on The Matrix film franchise and V for Vendetta.

Lilly, formerly Andy, made her announcement in a statement in the Windy City Times – a publication that reports on issues relating to the Chicago LGBT community.

“I am one of the lucky ones. Having the support of my family and the means to afford doctors and therapists has given me the chance to actually survive this process,” Lilly said in her statement.

She then went on to thank her family, friends and colleagues for their support. “I’m out to my friends and family. Most people at work know too. Everyone is cool with it.”

“Yes, thanks to my fabulous sister they’ve done it before, but also because they’re fantastic people.”

Lilly’s sister Lana, formerly Larry, came out as transgender in the early 2000s and completed her transition after the release Speed Racer in 2008.


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