Where is the Oscars money for the Girl Scouts?

Not that the Academy Awards were short of awkward moments this year, but remember Chris Rock’s Girl Scout cookie stunt? The money is nowhere to be found!

The girls Rock brought out to work the Oscars crowd on the night were from Inglewood, CA’s Girl Scouts Troop 5215. One of their moms have come out saying their chapter hasn’t seen a dime of the $65 000 Rock said they raised.

According to TMZ, Latoya Edwards claims that the National Girl Scout Council informed her the Academy would donate the money to the Greater L.A. Council. That hasn’t happened.

Edwards said that her chapter would only be getting around $1 000 anyway as part of the non-profit’s rules, but she is more concerned that her troops are used in a PR lie.

“The donation process is determined by local councils,” the Girl Scouts of America told TMZ.

The publication claims that means the GSA does not know where the $65 000 both they and the Academy bragged about before has gone.


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