Spotlight makers admit they made up dialogue

The distributors of Oscar-winning film Spotlight have admitted that filmmakers fabricated some of the incriminating dialogue in the film.

The dialogue in question includes the scene in which it is made to appear that a Boston College spokesperson downplayed the extent of the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal, Business Insider reports.

Jack Dunn, director of the news and public affairs office at the Jesuit university, said he felt physically ill when he saw the film and he contacted a lawyer to try and have the scene taken out.

Although a lawsuit was never filed, Dunn seems to have been successful as Open Road Films announced a settlement with him on Tuesday.

“As is the case with most movies based on historical events, Spotlight contains fictionalized dialogue that was attributed to Mr. Dunn for dramatic effect,” the company said. “We acknowledge that Mr. Dunn was not part of the archdiocesan cover-up.”

Despite not being able to remove the scene from the film well after it was released, Open Road Films also agreed to donate to Boston-area charities such the Big Brother Association of Boston and Resilient Kids in Dunn’s name.

“I felt vindicated by the public announcement and relieved to have been able to put this experience behind me,” Dunn said.


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