How does Superman use the bathroom?

Have you ever watched a superhero film and wondered how long it takes them to strip out of the skin-tight costume to use the toilet?

If you have, your priorities clearly don’t lie with the people of Metropolis or Gotham City, but Henry Cavill would thank you.

The 32-year-old star plays Superman in the just-released Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and he said he felt “enormous discomfort” every time nature called during the filming of Man of Steel in 2013.

To counter that, he insisted on having a zip installed into his underpants for the new film, This Morning found out.

“After doing Man of Steel I was done with the enormous discomfort of not being able to use the lavatory whenever I so chose and so I made sure they put one in this one,” Cavill said.

Luckily most fans will have zips in their pants while watching the 153-minute long superhero epic.


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