Amber Rose makes a fortune “not copying” Kim Kardashian

Amber Rose has just made herself a fortune overnight by basically copying Kim Kardashian.

The model and actress just released her set of emojis called MuvaMoji and raked in a massive $2 million on the first day after it was made available, TMZ reports.

According to the publication, the 32-year-old beauty is adamant she was not copying Kim Kardashian, who released her Kimoji set late last year.

Apart from a curvaceous body and an emoji app these two ladies have one more thing in common – Amber Rose is also the feisty ex-lover of Kim’s husband and rapper Kanye West.

Though, it is unlikely that Rose’s emoji set will reach the dizzying heights of Kim’s, she also claims to have received a fat paycheck just for signing on with the app developers.

When Kim released Kimoji late last year, Apple’s App Store had to deal with 9 000 downloads per millisecond.

MuvaMoji shares a similar aesthetic to Kimoji and also boasts with a variety of butt and weed emojis, but with noticeably more stripper poles. It is now available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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