Kim and Kanye divorce rumors – The latest

The divorce rumors that have circulated for months have intensified after Kim Kardashian skipped out on Kanye West’s surprise performance at Coachella.

While Kanye made a surprise appearance during A$AP Rocky’s set at the California music festival at the weekend, Kim was attending the funeral of tragically murdered former NFL star Will Smith in New Orleans.

According to gossip site Inquisitr, Kim knew Smith through Reggie Bush – a former lover she never really got over.

The site also points to the fact that Kim has been very active on social media lately, posting various pictures with other people with Kanye nowhere to be seen.

When the 38-year-old was present in a picture with the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, she captioned the picture: “#AnnoyingDadAlert.”

To make matters worse, Kanye’s appearance at Coachella was a total bust as his microphone did not work properly. A$AP Rocky then lost his temper in a comically Kanyesque turn of events and ended the set before Kanye could rap or rant.


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