Kris Jenner: Caitlyn never told me she was transgender

Kris Jenner has said Caitlyn Jenner never revealed to her that she was transgender during their marriage.

The 60-year-old Kardashian matriarch had a heated argument with the former Olympian while they were spending time with friends in New Orleans recently.

In the scene captured on the reality TV show I Am Cait, Kris said the closest the 66-year-old Caitlyn came to revealing the truth was when they discussed having children together years ago.

“She keeps saying she told me but she didn’t do it,” Kris said. “What happened was a conversation in a driveway, he says to me, ‘Do you ever want to have more kids?’”

“And he goes, ‘Oh jeez you know back in the ’80s I messed around with this or that and it kind of screwed up my sperm count but whatever.’”

Kris added: “He never said it was oestrogen, he never said anything, he just said, ‘I took some sh** in the ’80s.’”

“There was no, ‘I am transgender.’”

Caitlyn disagreed and said she told Kris she “had a condition that I’ve been dealing with forever.”


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