REVEALED: Likely heirs to Prince’s fortune

People close to music icon Prince were surprised to learn that he left no will to make clear who he wanted to leave his sizable fortune to.

The influential musician was found dead at his Paisley Park Studios compound in a Minneapolis suburb last Thursday.

His mysterious death shocked fans the world over, but what shocked those close to him is that he left no will behind.

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson has since asked a court to appoint a special administrator to handle the Purple One’s affairs, Reuters reports.

She is seeking to be appointed so she can probate his estate and reportedly divide it among his six siblings and half-siblings. According to Minneapolis lawyer Stephen Hopkins the estate is likely to be split that way according to state law.

“That he would put himself in a position that he would lose control of those things at death I found very surprising,” a Michael Kosnitzky, a New York lawyer advising the super wealthy, said.

Since his death, mourning fans have bought more than 580 000 Prince albums.

According to the late icon’s first manager, Owen Husney, Prince’s music catalog alone is worth more than $500 million.


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