Azealia Banks racially abuses Zayn

Twitter on Thursday suspended rapper Azealia Banks after she spewed racial and homophobic slurs in the direction of Zayn Malik.

The Twitter account of @AZEALIABANKS now only contains a notification of the suspension and a link to the social network’s terms of service which lists “abusive tweets and behavior” as a reason for suspension.

It all started on Tuesday when the controversial rapper accused the former One Direction heartthrob, who now only goes by his first name as a solo artist, of stylistic plagiarism.

She then used racial slurs in reference to the British singer and also peppered her attack with further homophobic slurs.

At one point, Banks boasted that the US military would kill the family of the singer who is partially of Pakistani descent.

After numerous calls from shocked fans, Twitter took the rare action of suspending the rapper’s account.


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