Beyoncé and Pearl Jam to team up on song

Beyoncé and Pearl Jam have announced they will release a collaborative single together.

Queen Bee and the rock group have joined forces to record a cover of Bob Marley’s iconic “Redemption Song,” NME reports.

The single will be released as part of Pearl Jam’s Ten Club Holiday Single program, an annual singles club for fan club members.

The recording will not, however, be a new shimmering studio production. It will only be a pressing of a live rendition of the song Beyoncé and Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder laid down at the 2015’s Global Citizen Festival.

The single will also include a 1991 recording of Free’s song “Wishing Well” by Pearl Jam.

Most recently, Beyoncé made international headlines with the release of her surprise album Lemonade in which she openly addresses husband Jay-Z’s alleged cheating.

Pearl Jam has also been in the news after they boycotted North Carolina and cancelled shows there in protest of the perceived anti-LGBT bathroom law passed in the state.


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