Beyoncé and Rita Ora are actually besties?

The angry mob of Beyoncé fans seeking justice for Jay-Z’s infidelity can cross Rita Ora off their list of targets as she is apparently “family.”

The British singer on Monday took to Snapchat to squash the rumors that she is in fact the devious “Becky” referred to in Beyoncé’s new “Lemonade” album.

In the selfie, Queen Bee and Ora seem to be having a blast at the Met Gala in New York City and the 24-year-old even wrote “family” on the photo.

The Beyhive, as Beyoncé fans call themselves, recently went berserk online after they deduced that Ora is “Becky with the good hair” as referenced in their queen’s new surprise album that openly addresses Jay-Z’s alleged cheating.

This after Ora posted another Snapchat pic, shortly after the album’s release, in which she wears a skimpy bikini with lemons on it and a necklace with a gold “J” on it.

Behind computer screens around the world, the Beyhive is locking on to its new target as we take this all in.


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